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III Copa América

"Don't miss the excitement of the third edition of the Copa América Handball Master, which will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico this year! Join us to enjoy elite competition, passion for handball, and camaraderie among players from across the continent. An unmissable event for sports and adrenaline enthusiasts! 🤾🏆🌟 



"In Puerto Rico, you can find hundreds of options just steps away from the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Enjoy the comfort that Puerto Rico has to offer."

Group Code: G-BALO

Cut Off Day: Julio 19, 2024

Group Code: G-BMMC

Cut Off Day: Julio 19, 2024

The Event

"Welcome to the third edition of the Copa America Handball Master, set to take place this year at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in the vibrant city of San Juan, Puerto Rico! This exciting event brings together the top handball teams from across the region to compete in a showcase of high-level sportsmanship and skill. Fans of handball and sports enthusiasts alike will gather to witness thrilling matches, displays of athleticism, and to celebrate the passion for this captivating sport. Join us in this handball celebration, where competition, camaraderie, and excitement come together to create unforgettable moments! Don't miss out and be a part of the history of the Copa America Handball Master in San Juan, Puerto Rico!"

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